How Can an Insurance Broker Help With Claims?

Many people use an insurance broker to find the best deal on car, home, or business insurance – but how can an insurance broker help with claims? 

As well as helping you purchase a policy that offers the cover you need at an affordable price, a broker can also take the hassle out of making a claim by acting as an intermediary between you and the insurance company. So instead of getting stuck on hold when calling your insurer’s claims department, your broker will do the hard work for you, and help ensure your claim gets paid as quickly as possible.


Independent from Insurance Companies

Brokers work for you, not your insurance company, which means that they put your interests first. By working closely with a select group of insurers, brokers develop good relationships with these providers. This regular contact with insurance companies not only helps brokers secure good deals for their clients, but can also make the claims process easier.


Organising Claim Paperwork

Following the stress and upset of a car accident or home break in, the last thing you want to do is spend hours managing paperwork or calling your insurance company. An insurance broker will organise claim paperwork on your behalf and will ensure that everything is completed correctly so that your claim progresses speedily. 


Faster, Smoother Payouts

Your insurance broker’s job is to ensure that you receive a payout when you make a claim, and their knowledge and expertise means that claims will often be paid quicker and with less stress on your part. 

If there are queries over your policy wording, or an insurer is unwilling to pay, having a broker on your side means that there is someone to argue your case and get the result you are looking for. This all means that you won’t be left out of pocket.


Supported by Technology 

Many brokers use technology to offer a smoother claims process to their clients. At Insurance 4U, we have partnered with AX to use their Motor Assist solution to manage car insurance claims from start to finish – from when you first call after an accident, right through to payout. 

This solution allows you to check on the progress of a vehicle repair at any stage of the process and enables our brokers to support you step by step through the process of making a claim. Our aim is to make every claim smooth and painless, and investing in technology helps us to achieve this for all our customers.


Ensuring You Have the Right Policy

A claim is more likely to be successful if you have the correct insurance cover in place and working with a broker is one of the best ways to find a policy that ticks the right boxes. So even if you never need to make a claim, arranging insurance through a broker will give you the peace of mind that you have the cover you need, whether for your car, home, or business.

For help saving money on your next insurance policy, plus expert support should you ever need to make a claim, call Insurance 4U on 01902 829190 or complete our contact form to send our team a message. Existing customers can call our claims line on 0800 029 1178.


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