Why Use an Insurance Broker?

An insurance broker’s job is to provide each customer with expert advice so they can get the right insurance policy at the right price. Insurance companies often encourage consumers to buy direct from them, creating the impression that this is the best way to get a great deal. But there are many benefits to using a specialist insurance broker when you need a new policy – and they can do more than just save you money.

Find the perfect policy

We all need different things from insurance. Take car insurance for example. Driving experience, type of vehicle, the age and number of drivers – there are lots of factors that can affect the price you pay. After a conversation to discuss your details and requirements, an insurance broker will find a choice of insurers who offer exactly the cover you need at a price you can afford, saving you time and hassle.

Receive expert advice

Insurance can be a real headache, especially when you are trying to balance getting the best cover and saving money. As insurance specialists, brokers can give you expert guidance to smoothly navigate the process of buying a new policy. 

Plus, because insurance brokers work on the client’s behalf, and not for an insurer, the advice they offer will always be honest, impartial, and in your best interest. 

Explore a choice of products

Being independent also means that insurance brokers have access to a huge range of products from a variety of different insurers. This gives you the best possible choice of options and enables you to compare the costs and benefits of different policies, without having to contact each individual insurer yourself.

Get the best value for money

Of course, price matters when choosing a policy, and for many people budget is the main criteria when selecting cover. Insurers often give brokers lower rates than customers who approach them directly, so you could cut your car insurance bill by going through a broker. And because they will match a policy to your individual circumstances, you won’t be paying more than necessary for cover you don’t need.

With a team of experienced brokers, Insurance 4U compares cover from top insurers to find the best deals on everything from home insurance to taxi insurance. For personalised service, professional advice, and a better price on your next policy, call us on 01902 829190 or get in touch to start a quote.


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